Reyna’s Willets comments could come back to haunt her

I’ve been loaded up with other work these past few days (see swine flu, Brian McLaughlin), so I’m sorry again for the lack of updates.  Things are a bit quiet right now anyways.

I did notice, however, that Liz Benjamin over at Daily Politics had an interesting piece on how City Councilwoman Diana Reyna’s (D-Brooklyn) comments on Willets Point during a City Council hearing in November may have made her some powerful enemies — namely RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum — who recently backed her opponent for the 2009 City Council election.

Reyna, if you’ll recall, called the city hypocritical for striking a deal to use union labor on the construction of its Willets Point project, contending that union shops at Willets Point were being kicked to the curb.

“Where is the protection of those union workers? This is union vs. union right now,” she said. “I find it very hypocritical to be representing the future and not the present.”

To this Benjamin writes:

Some have questioned Reyna’s motivation here, given her connection to former Council aide Laura Imperiale, who now lobbies at the firm of Constantinople & Vallone, which represented the Willets Point property owners, and the fact that she eventually voted “yes” on the project.

Whatever her reasons, one thing is certain: She created an enemy in Appelbaum, who testified at that hearing and was, according to a source familiar with his feelings, deeply angered by the Reyna’s comments.

And he’s clearly not alone.

The building trades in general are upset with her, so look for more of these Davila endorsement announcements to follow.

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