Property owners file legal challenge against city plan

wpunitedsmallNearly two dozen property owners at Willets Point filed a legal challenge to the city’s redevelopment plans in New York State Supreme court Wednesday.

Attorney Michael Gerrard filed the challenge on behalf of 22 members of Willets Point United Against Eminent Domain, questioning several aspects of the city’s final environmental impact statement in a bid to derail the project. The group contends that the office of Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber cannot take a lead role in the project, that the city has not adequately addressed all of the environmental impacts of the proposed project and that the city has not set firm ground for the use of eminent domain.

“We are confident that the courts will dismiss the findings of the environmental review submitted by the deputy mayor’s office and that the City Council’s November 2008 vote authorizing the redevelopment will be rendered null and void,” said Willets Point United President Jerry Antonacci.

A full release detailing the challenge is available on Willets Point United’s website. I’ll have more on this and more throughout the week.

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