CUNY on Wheels will be at Willets Pt. Wednesday: LaGuardia

LaGuardia Community College President Gail Mellow discussed the college's Willets Point outreach last week at a press conference with Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber.

Gail Mellow at a press conference last week with Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber.

A LaGuardia Community College official said yesterday that the school conducted a “dry run” of their planned outreach to Willets Point workers Monday afternoon and that the school will bring their CUNY on Wheels mobile classroom to the hardscrabble business enclave Wednesday.

Though LaGuardia President Gail Mellow told reporters last week the mobile outreach center would be parked on 126th Street Monday to officially kick off their Workforce Assistance Program, it never appeared, prompting workers to call the school with complaints.

Sandra Watson, dean of workforce development at LaGuardia, said officials from the school did visit Willets Point Monday, but only to survey the best place to park the CUNY on Wheels bus.

“This was a dry run. We wanted to make sure that we had the right spot,” Watson said, noting the bus does not have bathrooms. “We had to make sure we had bathrooms for our staff. We did come out but we did not come out to provide services.”

Watson said LaGuardia officials will pass out fliers announcing the start of the program today and the CUNY on Wheels bus will make its inaugural visit to Willets Point Wednesday, where it will provide information, recruitment and educational services geared toward helping the more than 1,300 workers find new jobs should the redevelopment of the area be approved by the City Council.

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